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Shaka Pictures
When I began performing in the early 90's, I collected mugs as souvenirs. After a few years, it seemed I had enough mugs to drink coffee morning, noon and night, 365 days of the year without doing the dishes. So I began collecting stickers. It turns out that stickers are not only difficult to find, they are essentially useless. Sticky, they are. It dawned on me that the memories I cherished most were the people at the events. I began taking pictures of audiences doing the "shaka" sign. If you've been to one of my shows, you're probably in one of these photos! Have you ever seen 5000 people doing the "shaka" sign?!

Shaka Pictures 1

Shaka Pictures 2

Shaka Pictures 3

Days in a Life

Days in a Life 1 (1968-2000)

Days in a Life 2 (2001)

Days in a Life 3 (2001-2002)

Days in a Life 4 (6/02-8/02)

Days in a Life 5 (9/02-12/02)

Days in a Life 6 (1/03-2/03)

Days in a Life 7 (2/03-3/03)

Days in a Life 8 (4/03-5/03)

Days in a Life 9 (7/03-8/03)

Days in a Life 10 (9/03-10/03)

Days in a Life 11 (12/03-3/04)

Days in a Life 12 (4/04-8/04)

Days in a Life 13 (8/04)


Photography has become quite a passion of mine. Maybe someday this music thing will be a hobby!

Gallery 2 (1/03-7/03)

Gallery 3 (7/03-10/03)

Gallery 4 (10/03-3/04)

Gallery 5 (4/04-5/04)

Gallery 6 (5/04-6/04)

Gallery 7 (7/04-present)