Pineapple Mango

2002 Hoku Award Finalist!

Daniel Ho

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Song List
School's Out (2:47) Daniel Ho/Daniel Ho Creations (ASCAP)
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (1:51) Johann Sebastian Bach
Between Friends (5:24) Jake Shimabukuro & Daniel Ho
Daniel Ho Creations (ASCAP)
Blue Rondo Ala Turk (3:13) Dave Brubeck/Derry Music Company (BMI)
Pineapple Mango (2:44) Daniel Ho/Daniel Ho Creations (ASCAP)
After the Rain (2:17) Daniel Ho/Daniel Ho Creations (ASCAP)
Invention XIII (1:12) Johann Sebastian Bach
Take It Out (2:37) Daniel Ho/Daniel Ho Creations (ASCAP)
Haiku (2:06) Daniel Ho/Daniel Ho Creations (ASCAP)
Invention VIII (1:12) Johann Sebastian Bach
First Date (2:47) Daniel Ho/Daniel Ho Creations (ASCAP)
The Best That I Can (3:19) Sachi Sato & Daniel Ho
Daniel Ho Creations (ASCAP)

Honolulu Advertiser
By Wayne Harada
Advertiser Entertainment Editor

New release from Hawai'i native offers tasty treat

"Pineapple Mango" by Daniel Ho: Daniel Ho, a Saint Louis grad who moved to Los Angeles, has happily become active in the Island music scene over the past decade. An accomplished composer and guitarist, he now turns to 'ukulele. What a joyful pleasure, this. Much of the music is original - his or in collaboration. He has a gentle touch on the 'uke and brings out its soulful qualities, particularly in the romantic tunes.

One of the best cuts is "Between Friends," a composition with Jake Shimabukuro, the adorable buckaroo from Colon. There's a lot of warm, bonding spirituality. The title tune is 'ono, too - as predictably nourishing and whimsical as you might expect when you combine the juices of pineapple with mango. It could be the breakout track.

"School's Out" is one of the playful romps (and Ho's composition); "Blue Rondo Ala Turk" is seriously reflective, an interpretation of a Dave Brubeck song - with a bluesy hint and a jazzy tint. Ho is schooled in the classics, too; he goes to Bach to demonstrate his symphonic side, performing "Invention VIII" and "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" with spirit.

"Haiku" is more about the poetry form than the place, with a sense of Asian calm and dignity.

And lest you wonder, he sings on "The Best That I Can," co-written with Sachi Sato, with Siena Lee doing background vocals. It's a whisper-soft kind of tenderness at play.

Daniel Ho Reveals `Ukulele's Versatility in Pineapple Mango

HONOLULU, HAWAI`I – Pineapple Mango is the creation of Daniel Ho's rediscovery of the first instrument he played as a child growing up in Kaimuki – the `ukulele. This is the first `ukulele album (17th overall) released by this multi-Na Hoku Hanohano award winner, whose primary objective was to convey the flexibility of this beloved and respected Island musical instrument.

"I wanted to explore the versatility of this often underestimated instrument," explains Ho. "By arranging and recording well-known classical and jazz compositions people don't usually associate with the `ukulele, I hope to show just how amazing this instrument really is."

This 12-song album features the debut recording of "Between Friends," a vibrant composition co-written with another `ukulele master, Jake Shimabukuro of Còlòn. The duo performed this original piece at Ho's "Finding My Way" concert, which is being showcased throughout October on Oceanic Cable's Channel 16.

In addition, the multi-instrumentalist/composer Ho makes his debut vocal performance on "The Best That I Can," a poignant ballad co-written with local singer/songwriter, Sachi Sato. It is also the only lyrical song presented on the entire album.

Daniel Ho Ukuleles, guitars, piano, lead vocals on track 12, recording, mixing, mastering and graphics. Daniel plays KoAloha Ukuleles.
Dean Taba Bass
Siena Lee Background vocals on track 12

Record Label: Daniel Ho Creations

Recorded: August, 2001

Release Date: November, 2001

Daniel's Notes
The ukulele was one of the first
instruments I learned to play.
I was seven or eight years
old when my dad taught
me a few chords on
my mom's old
Martin ukulele.

I remember strumming along
while he played guitar and
sang songs from his
makeshift music book
(a huge three-ring
binder full of typed
lyrics with little chords
above the words).

It was then
that my love
for music
was born.

So much has
transpired since,
but what an honor it
is to play this beloved
instrument once again.
Thank you for sharing
this music with me.

Daniel Ho

The custom KoAloha ukuleles played on this recording were designed and built by Alvin,
Alan and Paul Okami. Photography by David Ho. Photos of Siena Lee and Daniel Ho in Port
Angeles, WA taken by Hayley Hirano. Recorded at Clubhouse West in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Recorded, mixed, mastered and designed by Daniel Ho.

My deepest gratitude to the Okami's and KoAloha for believing in me. I couldn't have
done this without your amazing ukuleles! Thank you, Siena and Dean, for your inspiring
music, support and friendship. To Sachi - we make a great team! To Kenn and Mihoko -
can I have more than two weeks to do a CD next time? Just kidding! I will always do
my best for you guys. To Lia - someday, when you can read, you'll see this and know that
you are forever in my heart, even when I'm not there. To Dad - this is all because of you,
your music, your support, your love. Thank you. And to my friends and family who have
seen me through it all - thank goodness I have you! Aren't you tired of me yet? - Daniel

The Best That I Can
Daniel Ho & Hope Sato
Daniel Ho Creations (ASCAP)
I walk you run, I show you hide
I give you take, I wonder why
Just give me one reason, and I'll understand
Just give me a chance, here is my plan

I just want to love you as best as I can
I just want to be there when you need a hand
I just want to hold you when you need to cry
And I just want to come home to you every night

I dream you sleep, I laugh you cry
I live you breathe, so tell me why
Just give me one reason, I'll understand
Just give me a chance, this is my plan
The world's my canvas, your paint is dry
I raise my hands, you close your eyes
So here are my reasons, can you understand
Here is our chance, will you take my hand