[CD] KoAloha (Your Love) - Daniel Ho


[CD] KoAloha (Your Love) - Daniel Ho


'Ukulele instrumentals accompanied by slack key guitar.  This is Daniel's first recording of his custom-made KoAloha D-VI 6-string 'ukulele, which has been exhibited in the GRAMMY® Museum. The two added strings of the D-VI allows playing in a style similar to conventional ki ho'alu (slack key) guitar.

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 Daniel with his custom KoAloha D-VI ʻukulele on display at the GRAMMY® Museum

Daniel with his custom KoAloha D-VI ʻukulele on display at the GRAMMY® Museum

1. Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai (3:07)
2. About You (3:58)
3. He Aloha Mele (3:28)
4. E Hoʻi I Ka Pili (2:58)
5. Sweet Reverie (2:18)
6. Pua Mana (3:53)
7. Sunflower (3:57)
8. Wahine ʻIlikea (4:56)
9. (For You) I'd Chase a Rainbow (2:45)
10. Summer Lady (3:28)
11. Pua Lilia (4:17)
12. Flying (4:06)



Ho's latest instrumental album is one of his best. He does an excellent job interpreting 12 contemporary Hawaiian and local pop songs. While some of them have previously been done at least a number of times in recent years, others like "For You I'd Chase a Rainbow" have not been redone since the original hit. "Wahine 'Ilikea" is one of the former, but Ho comes up with fresh ideas, while remaining faithful to the original melody.

The concept behind the album is that this is Ho's first recording using his custom-made KoAloha D-VI 6-string ukulele. Two added strings give the D-VI a bass sound as those of a guitar, allowing Ho to play in a style similar to conventional ki ho'alu guitar. Therein lies the one possible quibble about this album: Embellishing the arrangements with guitar overdubs, while making the music more interesting, also makes it a bit more difficult to tell what the D-VI is capable of by itself.


Amazon.com review by Jack Dempsey (APRIL 2005)

Absolutely Beautiful

Daniel Ho has been around the block a few times. Sure, he lives on the mainland - Los Angeles in fact, but that doesn't take away from his ability, from his Aloha spirit, nor does it make me send him any less degree of Mahalo for producing yet another simply gorgeous cd.

This is his newest release. Some of you, if you've actually stumbled across this (as of this review, the ranking for this beautiful cd is officially "NONE"), may know Daniel Ho from his Kilauea days. Others may know him from his steady line of quasi-"spa" themed releases, which, admittedly, are fantastic. As for this release? If you know Daniel's style, you know a little of what to expect. If you don't, well, expect something so incredibly smooth, tranquil and flowing, that it will literally blow you away. As fluid as Jake Shimbukuro is on uke, so is Daniel Ho. Reminds me of an Ernie Cruz, Jr. or Troy Fernandez (see Palolo or Ka'au Crater Boys), but a little more tranquil and serene. This is definitely evening time music, well after the festivities have ended, after my long day of surfing has transpired, and I retire to a simple hammock on the beach in my backyard (literally). But, however your day/night winds down, this is definitely a perfect companion for you. Highly recommended!


Mixing, mastering, and graphic design by Daniel Ho
Photography and graphic design by Lydia Miyashiro
Recorded: 2004
Release Date: 2005