Stanford University music professor, Steve Sano, and Six-time GRAMMY award winner Daniel Ho, draw from decades of experience as performers and instructors to bring you ‘Ukulele at School, a unique and empowering method that makes learning fun and easy!

This introductory program is designed to instill students with a love of music, provide a solid musical foundation, and invigorate schools with the ideal classroom instrument... the ‘UKULELE!

View and download this FREE 8-page PDF of lesson plans covering 10 weeks of instruction from 'Ukulele At School, Book 1. These are notes prepared by Glen Kamida, a Torrance, CA Unified School District teacher who uses the ‘Ukulele At School curriculum in the classroom.

Books 1 & 2 provide a basic music curriculum for a full school year.

The Teacher's Guide editions of the book includes complete contents of the Student version, plus additional educational notes, suggested topics for in-class exercises, discussion, and more.

Book 1 Subjects include:
• Proper technique
• Reading basic rhythms
• Strumming patterns
• 7 major and minor chords
+ 11 complete songs for performance

Book 2 Subjects include:
• Strumming chords
• Singing & playing
• Plucking melodies
• Reading music notation
+ notation of melodies for many songs in Book 1 and one new song

Thoughtfully paced and logically presented lessons create a rewarding experience.  Get 'Ukulele At School, Books 1 & 2.