Aukahi (For 'Ukulele & Bass) Digital Bundle

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Aukahi (For 'Ukulele & Bass) Digital Bundle


This is a digital download (not a physical product) that you can download instantly after purchase.

"Aukahi" as recorded on the album Aukahi (Flowing Harmony)
Composed, arranged, and performed by Daniel Ho

2 Audio Files, Sheet Music for Bass, 'Ukulele, and Musical Score, plus Notes from Daniel

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Immediately after purchase, you can download a .zip file that includes the following digital files...

Aukahi Audio Master
This 44.1 khz, 24-bit AIFF file is the original audio master. The quality of this file is higher than CD audio (which is 44.1 khz, 16-bit)

Aukahi Audio File
This is a traditional .mp3 audio file for use with mobile devices such as iPod, iPhone, etc.

Aukahi Sheet Music, which includes...
• 1-page of Composer's Notes from Daniel
• 5-page musical Score for 'Ukulele and Bass parts
• 3-page sheet music for 'Ukulele in musical notation and TAB
• 2-page sheet music for Bass in musical notation only

*NOTE: "Aukahi" is available on the iTunes music store.

Here’s a special presentation of “Aukahi” that adds cello to the ‘ukulele part (this digital bundle includes the sheet music for ‘ukulele and bass). I explain the music theory behind “Aukahi” before the song begins at 1:44.