Canarios (For Guitar & 'Ukulele) Digital Bundle

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Canarios thumb art.jpg
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Canarios (For Guitar & 'Ukulele) Digital Bundle


This is a digital download (not a physical product) that you can download instantly after purchase.

Canarios - Written by Gaspar Sanz (1640-1710)
'Ukulele part composed by Daniel Ho
As recorded by Pepe Romero & Daniel Ho on the album Aloha España

3 Audio Files + Sheet Music + Notes on this arrangement

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Immediately after purchase, you can download a .zip file that includes the following digital files...

Canarios Audio Master
This 44.1 khz, 24-bit AIFF file is the original audio master. The quality of this file is higher than CD audio (which is 44.1 khz, 16-bit)

Canarios Audio File
This is a traditional .mp3 audio file for use with mobile devices such as iPod, iPhone, etc.

Canarios Sheet Music
This 4-page PDF includes a transcription of an interview with Pepe Romero, Sr. about Canarios.  The sheet music is of the guitar part played by Pepe Romeo and of the 'ukulele part written and played by Daniel Ho (both parts are written in music notation).

Interview with Pepe Romero about Canarios
This is a recording of a conversation with Pepe Romero, Sr. as recorded by Pepe Romero, Jr.  It is 4:31 minutes.

Notes about the arrangement and recording of Canarios (For Guitar & 'Ukulele), written by Daniel Ho.