[CD] Aloha España

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[CD] Aloha España


A collection of virtuoso classical guitar and 'ukulele duets and solos by the legendary Pepe Romero and six-time GRAMMY® winner Daniel Ho.  The exquisite technique and musicality of these master musicians bring the instruments of master luthier, Pepe Romero, Jr. to life.

Also available exclusively on this site via instant digital download: commentary from Pepe & Daniel, sheet music, and the original audio masters (better than CD quality) of "Canarios," "Romance (For Two Guitars)," "Pachelbel's Canon," and "Suite. No. 1" ...see below for the complete listing!

This album is also available on iTunes.

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ingenious...lovely...tasteful, imaginative, surprisingly fresh! wonderfully executed…
— Classical Guitar Magazine
the genius of it… is that the finished work sounds like a natural, organic offshoot… brings ‘ukulele into the classical music limelight.
— Ukulele Magazine
...showcases the ukulele as an instrument with musical gravitas.
— Acoustic Magazine (UK)

1. Recuerdos de la Alhambra - guitar & 'ukulele duet (also available: sheet music & add'l commentary)
2. Canarios - guitar & 'ukulele duet (also available: sheet music & add'l commentary)
3. Leyenda - guitar & 'ukulele duet (also available: sheet music)
4. Pavana - guitar & 'ukulele duet (also available: sheet music)
5. Suite No. 1 in G major, BWV 1007 - solo 'ukulele (also available: sheet music & TAB)
6. Variation - solo six-string 'ukulele
7. Pachelbel's Canon - solo 'ukulele (also available: sheet music & TAB)
8. Amis Rondo - solo 'ukulele (sheet music available in the Daniel Ho 'Ukulele Songbook)
9. Granada - solo guitar
10. Homage to the Brazilian Indians - solo guitar
11. Homage to High Society - solo guitar
12. Romance de los Pinos - solo guitar
13. Romance - guitar duet (also available: sheet music & add'l commentary)

Pepe Romero, together with his family, The Romero Guitar Quartet, spent the early part of their career elevating the guitar to the forefront of classical music. For their lifetime of dedication, they were knighted by the King of Spain. Now with six-time GRAMMY® winner Daniel Ho, Pepe Romero embarks on a similar journey to help pioneer a new genre: classical 'ukulele.

Perhaps the most beautiful CD I have ever heard!   The classic guitar tunes are all the more lovely with the addition of the ukulele.
- Yvonne H. of Durango, CO


This is a story that began sixty-five years ago, when Spanish classical guitarist, Pepe Romero Sr., then only 7 years of age, first set foot on the concert stage at the Teatro Lope de Vega in Sevilla, Spain.  In 1957, young Pepe Sr. and his family escaped the oppressive regime of Spain's General Francisco Franco, by defecting to the United States.  Over an incredibly long career, Pepe Sr. has performed both as a solo artist and with his father, Celedonio and two brothers, Celin and Angel, in the celebrate Romeros Guitar Quartet.  He also fathered and raised a son, Pepe Romero, Jr., whom after 20 years of fine tuning his craft, has established himself as one of the world's premier classical guitar and ukulele makers.  This position naturally led Pepe Jr. coming in contact with and receiving custom guitar and ukulele orders from world renowned performers the likes of Daniel Ho, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Paco de Lucia and his father Pepe Romero Sr.

Recently, Pepe Jr. combined his skill in stringed instrument design and construction with close contacts inside the tightest circle of historic performers in recording a ground breaking classical music CD entitled Aloha España.

Experienced musicians who've played Pepe Romero Jr. guitars and ukuleles will hear and feel the tonal resemblance in his family of instruments.  "The duet of 'Romance' was recorded on two Pepe Romero 6-String Mini-Parlor Guitars I designed for Romero Creations," Pepe Jr. said of Aloha España's production.  "My father performed all the guitar parts on my custom made guitars.  Daniel played all the 'ukulele parts on my custom 'ukuleles and 'Pavana' was recorded on my custom Little Pepe Guilele."  The guilele is a hybrid instrument combining design patterns of a guitar and 'ukulele.

Daniel Ho: "The recording process was a special situation.  Usually, there is a fair amount of work involved in blending instruments together to complement the frequencies they emphasize and lack.  Because these guitars and 'ukuleles were built by the same person, each piece of wood was tuned, braced and designed to have the sonic characteristics Pepe Jr. sought as a a world-class luthier.  Indeed, they blended perfectly.  The mixing was done in the instruments instead of by an audio engineer!  This is one of the most well-balanced sounding albums I've recorded, and so much of that is due to the fact that w were able to see these notes through from the very beginning (the building of the instruments played) to the end (mixing and mastering).  Aside from setting up mics in front of the instruments, very little needed to be done to achieve the quality you hear on Aloha España."


Pepe Romero: guitar
Daniel Ho: 'ukulele, six-string 'ukulele on Variation, guitar on Romance, mixing, mastering, graphic design
Photography: Lydia Miyashiro-Ho
Catalog number: DHC 80133
UPC: 644718013329