[CD] Legacy Hula Vol. 3: Lili‘uokalani - Kūlia i ka Pūnāwai


[CD] Legacy Hula Vol. 3: Lili‘uokalani - Kūlia i ka Pūnāwai


Historical hula chants in contemporary hula kahiko settings by award-winning kumu hula.

Contemporary renditions of historical hula chants in honor of Queen Lili‘uokalani, proudly presented by award-winning kumu hula of Kūlia i ka Pūnāwai (Kumu Hula Association of Southern California). Full texts and translations are included. Curated by respected hula scholar Dr. Amy Ku‘uleialoha Stillman.

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1. Lili‘u E.
2. Mo‘olelo 1    
3. Aia i Hawai‘i ko lei ali‘i    
4. Aia i Maui ko lei ali‘i    
5. Aia i Moloka‘i ko lei ali‘i    
6. Aia i O‘ahu ko lei ali‘i    
7. Aia i Kaua‘i ko lei ali‘i    
8. Aia i Lehua ko lei ali‘i    
9. Ka punohu ‘ula ko lei ali‘i    
10. ‘O ke anuenue ko lei ali‘i
11. Mo‘olelo 2    
12. ‘Auhea ‘o kini kula    
13. ‘Auhea wale ana ‘oe pikake lau onaona    
14. Auhea wale ana ‘oe ‘i‘iwi maka onaona    
15. ‘Auhea wale ana ‘oe ke ‘ala kupaoa
16. Mo‘olelo 3    
17. He inoa keia e Keoni    
18. Kahiko ka nani i Lihau    
19. Kahiko ke aloha i ke kino    
20. Kahiko ka ‘ohu i ka mauna    
21. ‘Anapau    
22. Mo‘olelo 4

from the ALBUM NOTES...

E Lili‘u E, May 16, 2010
Production Manager: Lowell Edgar
Stage Production: Puanani Jung and Kanani Kalama
Music Director: Randy Kaulana Chang
Backstage Manager: Lee Anne Sako
Front of House Manager: Keali‘i Ceballos
Financial Manager: KMarketing & Hospitality: Kawika and Leinani Viloria
Stage Decoration: Moku Yoshikawa

Carpenter Center
Events Manager: Aimee Bramble
Production Manager: Jonathan Mulvaney

Full ALBUM NOTES include a piece by Hawaiian ethnomusicologist Amy Kuʻuleialoha Stillman, on the significance of Queen Liliʻuokalani and the historical context of this album and the cultural project it records.

Kūlia i ka Pūnāwai
(Kumu Hula Association of Southern California)

Kūlia i ka Pūnāwai is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the perpetuation of hula and professionalism in hula practice. Members are kumu hula of halau hula—hula schools that span southern California from Ventura to Chula Vista. The organization fosters unity among the kumu hula, and a mentoring network.

The Association’s four-fold mission—of maintaining the foundations of hula, perpetuating hula in unity, developing professionalism, and strengthening knowledge and understanding of hula—infuses its various activities. Workshops held during quarterly gatherings focus on educational activities that enhance members’ knowledge base of hula. Performance presentations are opportunities for students from different halau to expand their experiences through sharing repertoire, and through performing in a wide range of theater and festival venues.


Producers - Lowell Edgar, Daniel Ho and Amy Ku´uleialoha Stillman
Project Curator & Liner Notes - Amy Ku´uleialoha Stillman
Recording Engineer - Puanani Grace Edgar
Production Assistant - Sylvia Puanani Edgar
Design Layout - Doug Katsumoto
Photography - Karen Nakamura (Karen Nakamura Photography)

Record Label: Daniel Ho Creations
Catalog Number: DHC 80081
UPC: 644718008127
Release Date: August 2010

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