[CD] Pōlani - Daniel Ho

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Polani COVER.jpg

[CD] Pōlani - Daniel Ho

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The first 'ukulele album in history to be nominated for a GRAMMY® Award.

Original compositions, plus "Ahe Lau Makani" composed by Queen Lili'uokalani, arranged and performed by GRAMMY® winner Daniel Ho.

Also available: Pōlani ʻukulele songbook ($18)

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  1. Pala'ela'e (Bright as Sun) 3:23
  2. Ho'okahi (In Solitude) 3:29
  3. Ahe Lau Makani 2:42
  4. Hana Malie (Quietly) 2:47
  5. Polani (Pure) 3:19
  6. Kulewa (Moving Like Clouds) 2:27
  7. Ho'opa'ani (Playful) 3:20
  8. Pule Nahenahe (Soft Prayer) 2:28
  9. Ho'omaika'i (Grateful) 3:11
  10. Holona (Sailing) 2:47
  11. Ho'olana (Hopeful) 3:31
  12. Ho'oipoipo (Romantic) 2:43

Album Review - Honolulu Star-Advertiser's Island Mele column by John Berger (February 10, 2011)

Daniel Ho may not be the busiest guy in the Hawaiian record business — such a ranking would be impossible to establish — but the four-time Grammy Award-winner has been busy in recent months as a record producer, song writer, recording artist and studio musician backing other artists.

He wears the first three of those four “hats” with this album of solo ukulele instrumentals.

Taken at surface value it is a simple project perfect for casual listening or as background music.

There is, however, more going on here.

Ho explains in the liner notes that he wrote the 11 original pieces partly for his own personal enjoyment and partly to explore the musical concepts of half-steps and unisons.  For the benefit of everyone whose college major wasn’t music theory and composition he explains that half-steps are the dissonant intervals between notes, and unisons are their opposite.  He also explains how he creates them on ukulele.

Nothing is more helpful in fully appreciating a recording than knowing what the artist was intending to do and how they approached the process.  Having that information is another reason to buy “Polani” rather than one of the many other ukulele instrumental albums out there.

Set aside the technical aspects and “Polani” is also a perfect choice for anyone trying to mellow out after dealing with rush hour gridlock or drama on the home front.


Daniel Ho - ‘ukulele, recording, mixing, mastering, graphic design
Lydia Miyashiro - photography
Doug Katsumoto - additional graphic design, ‘ukulele drawing


Daniel plays KoAloha ‘ukuleles.
Record Label: Daniel Ho Creations
Release Date: April 2010
Catalog number: DHC 80065
UPC: 644718006529

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