[CD] The Beatles - Daniel Ho

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The Beatles coverart.jpg
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[CD] The Beatles - Daniel Ho


Some of Daniel's favorite songs by The Beatles, arranged and performed on 'ukulele.

No guitars or pianos were used in the production of this recording.   Artful percussion and minimal vocals support an all-'ukulele cast that brings The Beatles to life on four strings.  'ukulele in various tunings, guitar-lele (a specialty instrument by Pepe Romero Creations), and Ohana bass 'ukulele (another specialty instrument) take center stage.

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1. Hey Jude
2. Come Together
3. Yesterday
4. Norwegian Wood
5. Here, There and Everywhere
6. In My Life
7. With A Little Help From My Friends
8. Nowhere Man
9. Eleanor Rigby
10. Blackbird
11. Golden Slumbers
12. Obladi Oblada
13. Let It Be

Album liner notes include musician credits and instruments used for each song, plus additional commentary from Daniel for every track.  The commentary touches on The Beatles place in music history, recording techniques, instrument selection, musical arrangements, and through it all, admiration for the humanity and artistry of The Fabulous Four.


Distributed by Wind Music International Corporation
Producer: Daniel Ho
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel Ho
Production Supervisor / Yang Chin-tsung
Music Supervisor / Judy Wu (Wu Chin-tai)
Project Director / Yu Su-ying
Project Executive / Huang Pei-ti
Translator (English to Chinese) / Liu Hao-wei
English liner notes by Daniel Ho and Lydia Miyashiro-Ho
Graphic Design / Gao Peng-xing
Promotion Director & Agent Director / Heidi Ou (Ou Jia-hua)
Promotion Executive / Tsao Cih-fang
Performance & Activity Coordinator / Hsu Chia-wen