[Accessory] PhD Premium 'Ukulele Strings


[Accessory] PhD Premium 'Ukulele Strings


PhD Strings -- Premium High Density 'Ukulele Strings

PVDF, a polymer of higher molecular weight and density than nylon, produces superior volume, sustain and playability.  Scientifically optimized by Jason Arimoto, PhD.  Endorsed by six-time Grammy Award-winning 'ukulele artist and producer Daniel Ho.

"Fantastic! Bright without being too loud and really soft and silky on the fingers." - Cameron Murray, Kamuke Ukulele Magazine

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PhD Ukulele Strings reviews & praise from repeat customers

  • Perfect strings!
  • These are for one of my students. He loved mine.
  • I love these strings! They sound wonderful.
  • I picked up a set of these strings at the Palm Springs Ukulele Fest in February, and I love them.  I send my thanks to Jason Arimoto for introducing me to the strings.
  • I just love these strings and keep getting all of my students to love them, too! :)
  • Can't wait to get more strings - love these Phds and want to put them on my new Tiny Tenor!! :)