[BOOK] Pōlani - Daniel Ho

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[BOOK] Pōlani - Daniel Ho

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In this songbook, now six-time GRAMMY® award winner Daniel Ho documents the music of his solo 'ukulele album Pōlani in tablature and notation. Also included is the music for his 'ukulele instrumental "Haiku."

Pōlani was the first ʻukulele album in history to be nominated for a GRAMMY®.

Also available: Pōlani CD ($15)

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★★★★ The Best Ukulele Music Book Hands Down!
I would love to give this book ten stars because it is that good! I must own 30 music books and this is my absolute favorite because of the music. 13 songs and each better than the next. It is a must have for any ukulele enthusiast! I have only been playing the ukulele for about a year and a half and although this books looks intimidating it is more fun than I have had in learning anything! I think Daniel Ho's music is incredible beautiful and easily played with a little persistence. I am about to order my second copy of Polani just because I have worn through my first from playing it so much! Thank You Daniel for putting out such a wonderful insipring music book for fingerstyle ukulele of which there aren't that many of this quality out there. I look forward to your next book with eager anticipation! I am a huge fan! Buy it you won't be sorry and it will leave you wanting more! I also purchased the CD just to hear how it is really played and I love them both! No wonder it was a Grammy Nominee!  - review by C. Beardsley

★★★★★ This is my absolute favorite songbook for ukulele finger picking style
I have to echo the other customer review. For I think it is spot on. This is my absolute favorite songbook for ukulele finger picking style. The songs are beautiful. Daniel won a grammy [nomination] for this CD. There is a purity and grace in the simple acoustic ukulele music in this book. And I mean "simple" in terms of only one instrument, acoustic and finger picking, not in terms of being able to play like Daniel.      It is great that it follows the CD, so you can get the CD and listen to exactly how it can/should sound; "should", as in how Daniel wrote it, "can" as in it is up to you to play how you feel it. Not for beginners, but some songs or at least some parts are easy to enough to be able to play the basic melody on some parts and provide a lot of enjoyment. Other parts are challenging and will take much longer to be able to play the more difficult parts or songs, or to play with the subtle nuances. There are some parts I am left listening and wondering how he gets that part to sound like that. So, having the CD to accompany the book is a great to let you know how it sounds when played "correctly" and also to help you better appreciate the mastery that Daniel plays with.      I got the CD first and just loved the CD. And then was excited that I found that he has a songbook for all the songs on the CD, which is a great idea. If you enjoy melodic finger picking songs on the ukulele, this is the best book out there in my opinion. I highly recommend this book. I only wish I could find more ukulele song books like this. And I would recommend getting the CD as well to go with the book.  -review by CK

  1. Pala'ela'e (Bright as Sun)
  2. Ho'okahi (In Solitude)
  3. Ahe Lau Makani
  4. Hana Malie (Quietly)
  5. Polani (Pure)
  6. Kulewa (Moving Like Clouds)
  7. Ho'opa'ani (Playful)
  8. Pule Nahenahe (Soft Prayer)
  9. Ho'omaika'i (Grateful)
  10. Holona (Sailing)
  11. Ho'olana (Hopeful)
  12. Ho'oipoipo (Romantic)
  13. Haiku - ("Haiku" is on the album ʻUkulele Classics & Originals by Daniel Ho)

Written by Daniel Ho
Edited by Lydia Miyashiro-Ho
Photography by Lydia Miyashiro-Ho
Published by Daniel Ho Creations

Catalog number: DHC 80079
UPC: 644718007922
ISBN: 0-9842928-3-7
EAN: 978-0-9842928-3-7